The Tumbleweed Factory

openSUSE development process

Stephan "Coolo" Kulow

About openSUSE Tumbleweed

  • Started and maintained by Greg Kroah-Hartman early 2011
  • Not exactly a rolling distribution, but "rolling updates"
  • Way more version updates than openSUSE updates
  • Recent Kernel, GNOME, KDE, Libreoffice... in one repo
  • Now obsolete by new Factory (using the proven name)

About openSUSE:Factory

  • Biggest project on Open Build Service
  • No freeze, constant development
  • Base of openSUSE and upstream to SUSE Linux Enterprise
  • Many development groups integrate within Factory

Worked decently well for a while

The problem of success

Submissions are not well tested

But we have a lot of them

In the end, we rely on the packager

Debugging afterwards is hard

Redefining our development model

  • 12.2: delayed 2 months - collapse of old model
  • 12.3: trying to throw more people at the problem -> ;-(
  • 13.1: heavy development in openQA
  • 13.2: openSUSE:Factory rolling - replacing Tumbleweed

Users love openQA (without knowing)

openSUSE 13.3

  • No roadmap yet
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise sources will be released soon into OBS
  • Creating 13.3 as an hybrid between SLE base and Factory?
  • Community discussion just started

So what happened?

Limiting the Impact

  1. Bootstrap packages (96)
  2. Minimal X installation (994)
  3. GNOME and KDE (857)
  4. Everything else (around 5800 atm)

Staging Projects tests the DVDs

Requirements for Ring Packages

  • Ignoring everything not in Rings
  • All other ring packages have to build
  • openQA needs to pass with 100% success
    • Minimal X
    • Encrypted LVM
    • RAID 1
    • GNOME
    • KDE
    • UEFI
    • Update


Tumbleweed Dashboard

Publishing daily

  • 54 snapshots in 6 months
  • Roughly every day
  • But no snapshot for 12 days in November
  • (no harm done to users though)


  • Staging projects have proven to be a great tool
  • Automated testing brought steadly increasing quality
  • We don't need alphas any more
  • We have beta quality every day